This DS Lite Is Rare, Beautiful

Super-influential streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Japanese fashion mag Honeyee have teamed up on this very, very limited edition DS Lite. It's got a classy matte black exterior with white body and hinges, and as you can see, kicks the ass of every colour scheme Nintendo currently have on the market. Before you get excited, however, it needs to be repeated that this is limited. How limited? Don't know, further info is forthcoming. It might even just be this one. Needless to say, you'll never own one.

honeyds1.jpg これ、やっと形になりました。詳しくは次のhoneyee.mag で[Honeyee, via Hypebeast]


    Well, it's ok, but to be perfectly honest i don't think it's THAT great... *I am proud owner of a black ds lite*

    *Looks at emblems on front of DS*
    Wait... Is that the Dharma Initiative DS?
    So what station does that make it?

    i bet if i look hard enough i can find a replacment shell for my black ds to make it look like this one *goes to look for replacement shell*

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