This Is Why Civilization Revolution On Wii Was Canned

We know Civilization Revolution has been canned for the Wii. We just didn't know why. Do now! Speaking with MTV's Patrick Klepek, Firaxis programmer Scott Lewis has revealed that, because the game was originally planned for the PS3 & 360 - with Wii and DS versions a money-making afterthought - the team couldn't find the time or resources to scrape up the new art assets and code a Wii version would have required (the PS3 & 360 are sharing assets, as well as being the lead platforms, while the DS version is cheap as chips to develop). That's not to say the project's entirely dead, though, as Lewis says the Wii version may be revived if the other versions do well.
Why 2K Games Pulled The Plug On The Wii's 'Civilization Revolution' [MTV]


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