Those Rock Band Mics? They're Not Wii Ready

rock_band_mic.jpgWhen a standalone Rock Band microphone peripheral started showing up on store shelves, it was an exciting time. The thing promised support for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, seemingly confirming a Wii version was definitely in the works. The good news is that Electronic Arts execs finally confirmed that such a product existed. The bad? The microphone may not actually perform as expected on Nintendo's platform.

Reps from Rock Band peripheral manufacturer PDP told us "Our packaging mistakenly states that that the microphone is compatible with the Wii. Unfortunately, this is not the case and will be corrected in future versions of the packaging." They apologised profusely for the confusion. Hope you didn't horde a few dozen of USB microphones based on the packaging mistake—and hopes that the Polyphonic Spree would appear as future DLC.


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