Toothpaste, That's Good Stuff

To: Crecente
From: Bash
RE: Nerf Body Slam

Man, I wish I had some Nerf. Not sure if they sell Nerf stuff here. I don't recall seeing it at the toy store. They do sell VERY REALISTIC pellet guns that could definitely be used to hold up liquor stores. Not in the market for one of those, so...

Went toothpaste shopping today. While I totally hate the dentist, shopping for toothpaste is good fun. And I adore going to the corner drug store, looking at hairspray and stuff. Bummer that people can't try toothpaste before buying. (You can try out cologne...) Yes, yes, I know, not practical and not hygienic for stores. I settled on an old favorite: Kid's Aquafresh. That's damn tasty toothpaste. And that pump tube, prolly one of the best inventions of the last century. No, really.

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