Triggerheart Exelica Goes Live Next Week

Shmupcrafters Warashi have updated their website to indicate that the arcade to Dreamcast to Xbox Live Arcade translation of Triggerheart Exelica will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday! Triggerheart is about humanoid weapons systems that just so happen to resemble cute anime girls, fighting to save humanity from the Ver'mith. You're good, they're bad, shoot them. Both ships have different weapons but both have the power to perform an anchor shot, snagging enemies to use as a weapon or shield. Not sure I am ready for this yet, as Omega Five is still kicking my ass on a regular basis, but I suppose when it comes to shmups, the more the merrier! The only problem? While it will definitely be out in Japan next Wednesday for 800 points, I am seeing now official word on other regions, though did just add a page for the game. Fingers crossed!

Triggerheart Exelica Main Page
[Warashi - Thanks Jacob!]


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