Try A Halo Novel Before You Buy (Or Don't)

You're in a pickle. I can sense it. You love Halo. But you don't love reading. Or, you love Halo, and love reading, but find the very notion of reading a book based on a videogame abhorrent. Either of those. What you need, then, is a preview of a Halo book (in this instance, Contact Harvest), let you test it out, try it on, see if it's really you. Like this one, being hosted over at (ie McFarlane, who are churning out a new Spartan action figure every other week). After reading through the 20-page preview, I must say...if you're a fan of overly-descriptive novels, full to the brim with nigh-impenetrable military jargon and acronyms, this one's just calling out for you.
Halo: Contact Harvest Preview [Spawn]


    I've gotta strongly disagree with the general consensus here (well, on the US comments) on the first 3 books. I haven't finished First Strike but I'm most of the way through, and so far I think The Flood was for more interesting than The Fall of Reach. Yes the backstory is good, and YES there was too much time spent on what happened in the game (too much running down repetetive hallways shooting zombies in the book) BUT the stuff that happened during the game but not in it? It was a great read, much more interesting as a whole story than Fall of Reach in my opinion. You just need to work through the in-game bits without falling asleep.

    Overall I think the books are all good, and have good concepts, they just need to be written more interestingly on a sentence by sentence level. So my point is that this book might be worthwhile if you love Halo and aren't a huge reader (like me), but maybe not so much if you're expecting a great standalone book. That being said, I haven't read Contact Harvest yet myself.

    I highly disagree with some of the stuff mentioned in this review. It's a book about yes, a story that involves a military campaign. Mr. Plunkett needs to realise that if there's going to be a novel about military soldiers, then yes military jargon will be used. Some things had to be explained and descriptive. Remember, this is explaining the origins of the Human-Covenant War, and the stuff that is going on in between, so a lot of backstory had to be provided as well. Why the Covenant went to war with the UNSC. What the Insurrection is. What's so special about Harvest, etc.

    If you're going to do a review of a novel, read the whole thing, not just the preview of it. Also, you don't have to be in the military to know military terminology, and it's not really insulting or confusing that military jargon is used.

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