Turok Developer Is Here To Listen

Turok's teammate killing sure pissed people off! Developer Propaganda Games originally thought that it might be humorous to include an Achievement for killing a teammate. But that didn't sit well with Xbox 360 users. So much so that developer Propaganda Games had to issue a patch. Does Propaganda have second thoughts about the whole dealio? Turok Associate Director states:

A lot of folks got uptight about it when the Achievement list was leaked. They were yelling on the forums about how we're awarding anti-social behavior. Won't somebody think of the children and all that nonsense so, you know, to our credit we listened to the fan-base, and we patched the Achievement to remove that team-killing portion, so everything's well in the universe once again. Never let it be said that we won't listen to the fan-base and if there's something that they feel really strongly enough about, we're always willing to go back and take a second look.

So noted!
Turok Achievements [Multiplayer]


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