Ubisoft/Bratz Lawsuit Is A Taste Of What's To Come

Writing on Law.com, Kellie Schmitt argues that the recent Ubisoft/Bratz lawsuit, which saw the French publisher awarded $US 13 million from the makers of the slutty little plastic sluts, is a "harbinger" for the videogame industry. Citing the fact that $US 13 million is an enormous amount of money for a settlement that never went to court (normally big payouts are the result of a judge's decision, not an out-of-court settlement), she raises the point that, because games pull in serious money, they now carry some serious legal clout. Which can be a positive for the industry, in cases like Ubisoft's, but also a negative: Schmitt also suggests that due to the industry's increasing maturity and growing revenues, the doors are opening for gaming's first multi-million dollar litigation lawsuits. I'm sure Patrick Goschy will be thrilled to hear that.
Is $13 Million Arbitration Award a Harbinger for Video Game Industry? [Law.com, via Blues News]


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