Umbrella Chronicles Outsells Zack & Wiki 3:1, Tears Stream Down Our Faces

As part of their quarterly financial results, Capcom have announced sales figures for some of their more prominent titles from Q3 2007. Zack & Wiki included. Surprisingly, it managed to sell 300,000 copies; not much in the grand scheme of things, but for a puzzle game featuring new IP and no Western advertising? It did OK. Until, that is, you look at 10-hour snoozefest Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and see it sold over 950,000 copies. That gasping, gurgling sound you hear behind you is the death of justice. Also revealed is the company's hopes and dreams for Devil May Cry: they're planning on shifting 1.9 million copies in the final quarter of the fiscal year, which multiplatform or not, is a big ask for a game pitched at a (relatively) niche, hardcore demographic.


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