Unofficial Haruhi Suzumiya Game Smacked Down

Doujin-made game The Fierce Fighting of Haruhi Suzumiya has been killed off! The doujin circle behind the game has pulled it at the (scary?) request of Kadokawa Shoten, the publisher that originally put out the Haruhi light novels and manga, plus distributes the anime and is releasing the upcoming Wii game. The totally unofficial The Fierce Fighting of Haruhi Suzumiya had characters from the franchise battle each other in Dynasty Warriors-style battles. Rad! It even had cameos from another Kadokawa property, Lucky Star! Kadokawa hates on those who use its IP without authorisation, going as far as to make YouTube take down unauthorised vids and whatnot. I can understand where Kadokawa is coming from, but it seems like a place in the oh so distant past.
Haruhi Doujin Game Canned [Canned Dogs via Anime News Network Thanks, icepick314!]


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