U.S. Game Industry Pulled In $US 1.1 Billion In January

The NPD Group has estimated that January's take in the United States, factoring in hardware, software and accessory sales was an impressive $US 1.18 billion. While that may actually be down 6% from the previous year, keep in mind that, according to NPD, January 2008 was a 4-week month with January 2007 a 5-weeker. NPD analyst Anita Frazier explains "To accurately assess the performance of the market you must take that extra week into account. At the top-line, on an average sales per week basis, January 2007 was actually up nearly 18% as compared to last year, and the big winner was console software which was up nearly 50% when compared on a level playing field to last year."

Frazier points to big console sales numbers in December having an effect across the board, blaming inventory shortages as a possible culprit in "softer than expected sales."

The totals work out like this:

  • Total Game Sales - $US 1.18 billion (-6%)
  • Hardware Sales - $US 377.8 million (-25%)
  • Software Sales - $US 610.6 million (+11%)
  • Accessory Sales - $US 191 million (-4%)
  • Total Video Games Sales Per Week - $US 294.8 million (+18%)

Go, console software publishers and shareholders!


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