US Government Ready to Spy on MMO Players

There are bad people on the internet. Really bad. Good thing the government is gonna get them! According to the US Director of National Intelligence, the country's top snoopers are developing software that will help trackdown violent extremists congregating in online worlds. The proposed project falls under the post 9/11 "Data Mining Reporting Act." ("Data mining" is defined as "a program involving pattern-based queries, searches or other analyses of 1 or more electronic databases" in order to "discover or locate a predictive pattern or anomaly indicative of terrorist or criminal activity...") Called "The Reynard Project," this new software will first study the way gamers behave online, and then apply this data while searching for violent extremists. Still in its preliminary stages, the ultimate goal is to "automatically detecting suspicious behavior and actions in the virtual world." Thus, the program could detect "normal" MMO gaming behavior and pinpoint those who are deviating from that norm. Hello Big Brother!
Sleepers Looking For Terrorists In WoW [Threat Level via GameSpot]Pic]


    Whoever thought of this is an idiot.

    I honestly dont see how this is going to work technically, sounds like noob detection.

    And are there really terrorrist in MMO's? Is that where they are secretely meeting? cmon.

    Someone wants to play WOW for a living and they found a way.

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