Viacom To Buy Take-Two?

Beleaguered publisher Take-Two haven't had the best few years. Indeed, things have got so bad for the company in these post-Hot Coffee days that the past year or so have seen a metric fuckton of rumours pop up suggesting the company will be swallowed up and bought out. As of today, none have come to pass, and they're still flying solo. But the latest - that Viacom are interested in the company - holds a lot of water. For one, Viacom are looking at getting into the gaming business. Secondly, Take-Two's big-selling properties are original IP, not licensed movie or sports stuff, so there'd be no problems with rival companies for rights. And finally, because Take-Two shareholders are becoming increasingly impatient as they wait for the company to reverse its fortunes.
Viacom looking at Take Two Interactive? [Notable Calls, via]


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