Video Games Blamed for Death of Nature Activities

A long time ago, people used to go outside. Now, they don't. They stay inside and stare at glowing boxes. This phenomenon is called "videophilia" and is apparently killing off nature-based recreation. Research funded by The Nature Conservancy has found that fewer people are visiting National Parks, fishing and camping. From the Associated Press piece:

The decline, found in both the United States and Japan, appears to have begun in the 1980s and 1990s, the period of rapid growth of video games, they said.

Not sure if games are solely to blame. A gajillion cable TV channels and the seemingly endless internet haven't really helped! Though, as someone who works from home and doesn't go outside for days on end (sad, yes), I'd be the first to point out that, yes, more and more activities are becoming indoor. Whether this is good or bad, can't say. It is progress. Something that should be noted: The popularity of hunting hasn't changed. Nothing like shooting animals to get your ass off the sofa!
Killing Outdoors Life [msnbc Thanks, JLa!]


    Twasn't video games.

    Twas Al Gore with that crazy 'Global Warming' Folk tale.

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