Virtual Console Downloads At 10 Million, Iwata Explains Wii Shortage

In a new Q&A with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, he reveals that the company has sold over 10 million games via its Virtual Console service for the Wii, calling those figures "proof that there are great possibilities with the download model." Iwata also tells GameSpot that the service's success shows that WiiWare may be "one answer" to problems developers have always experienced, but that downloadable content won't replace traditional retail any time soon.

He even waxes a bit about WiiWare pricing, putting a (surely tentative) price tag on WiiWare games of 500 yen (about $US 4.70). The price of a NES game? I could get behind that. Iwata has plenty more to say.

He goes on to tell GameSpot that Nintendo has no plans to enter the MMO space, saying that Miis are good enough for now and that "The virtual-world services out there now still aren't at a place where we'd like to join in—and certainly not to the point that we'd want to jump into competition with everybody else."

And for those of you without a Wii, not for a lack of trying, Iwata explains why they're still in such short supply, nearly 16 months after launch. Simply put, production couldn't keep up with demand. "This is a result of not being able to build up stock at all over the summer due to the consistently active demand for the Wii throughout the year," he says, adding that the company expects to finally target new markets this year, while ensuring a production ramp up.

There's plenty more from Iwata at GameSpot, so do read on.

Q&A: Nintendo's Satoru Iwata [Gamespot]


    Iwata should be sacked for incompetence.

    The opportunity cost of not having enough wiis to sate demand and provide a market for developers is huge.

    Making sure you can meet demand is the first obligation of any business owner. Not doing so is as bad as having excess stock that won't sell.

    How often do you see the Xbox 360 or PS3 make the news for having plenty of stock?

    Was going to get a wii today, but didn't....

    Couldn't find one!

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