Wait, Now Microsoft Is Pushing Movies Again?

We understand that our friends in the UK got access to Microsoft's LIVE video store a little later than us, but it's still a surprise when we read things like this from Xbox LIVE marketing manager (UK) Robin Burrowes:

The advent of Video Store is a competitive advantage from a PR standpoint, alongside the range of games on our platform. In the last two months, since the launch of Video Store in the UK, our audience figures have grown dramatically.

The problem isn't Microsoft's video store itself—the service is decently integrated on their platform. The problem is that their selection of titles is little more than a novelty for consumers. If you can't rent even a quarter of the movies you want to see on LIVE, you won't think of your Xbox as the place to see movies—bottom line.

Of course, if our little rant is incorrect and their video store rocks your world, feel free to correct us in the comments.

Xbox Live to focus on family, says Microsoft [MCV]


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