Waste Money On Wow? Waste It On This WoW Drink

mana.jpg You already spend too much money and time playing World of Warcraft. So you may as well go all-out and endanger your health while you're at it. The Mana Energy Potion, an unlicensed "supplement" drink, looks like it's designed to do two things. One is cash in on WoW and make some money. The other? Kill you. Despite coming in at only 40ml, just one Mana drink is the equivalent of two Red Bulls or four cups of coffee. Those worried about their daily Vitamin B12 intake will also be chuffed to know it contains 6667% of your recommended daily intake.
[Mana Energy Potion]


    I, sir, am a rogue... I prefer Thistle Tea ;)

    i have one question when will this energy drink be sold in australia

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