Watch No More Heroes Lose Gallons Of Blood

Want to see what Wii owners in Europe and Japan are missing out on, in terms of flowing rivers of blood, decapitations and amputations? Then watch xserothx's No More Heroes Death Scene Comparison clips for a study in regional censorship. This is grisly stuff, folks, and not for the faint of heart of virtual murder. Anyone wary of spoilers should skip 'em, as they're essentially every boss fight in the game.

No More Heroes Death Scene Comparisons [YouTube - thanks, Sidepocket!]


    You've got to be kidding, there are far more gorier games currently for sale in Europe and Australia. Censoring the game for it's PAL release only shows ignorance in regards to the general tolerance of violence internationally, on the part of the developer. It's just your average over the top cartoony violence. What happened to it being more violent than Manhunt 2? Is it me or are the developers utterly UTTERLY pretentious? The game received an M rating by the OFLC for crying out loud, these pissy over the top blood squirts could've have easily been accommodated at the MA classification. Dead Rising and Gears of War are both gorier than this, so are the Mortal Kombat games.

    The Japanese are so out of touch with the Western world it's sad. Censoring games only drives piracy, come on who the hell wants to see coins instead of blood? Grasshopper are just cock stains on the ceiling.

    Makes me realy sad that us Aussies and Europeans are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the game. there is no doubt that the blood and stylish death sequences are what makes No More Heroes what it is.

    All thanks to the eurpopean publishers being scared they would have another ManHunt fiasco on their hands (though they wont admit it) even though the games are worlds apart.

    Imagine if games like Killer 7 and Mortal Kombat had been censoerd they wouldnt be he cult hits they are today.

    This is just another reason why importing a US wii has never been a better idea for us Aussies with the ridiculous game delays ie no brawl release date still!, getting watered down versions of games and with the Aussie dollar so strong you can pay up to half price for the same games.

    /end rant/

    Forget importing a Wii from the states. I am definitely going to modify my Wii, something I was avoiding doing, until now. I’m not paying another $400 ++ for a system I already own for games that I WANT TO PLAY ON THAT SYSTEM!

    For a cost of just $110 I can have it installed with a warranty.. the savings I make on importing and it should pay itself off in only 2 or 3 games.

    I Have an NTSC N64 and Gamecube and was hoping to avoid this shit with the Wii. Going to get on this now… forget the local market… I should have known better.

    For those people that will say “oh.. but it’s just a little fake blood” or “yeah but the game will eventually come out here”.. I say, why compromise? It’s a round fricken world and it’s a global market. We have a choice and the choice I am going to make is not to be screwed any longer and if more Aussie gamers make that choice then FINALLY the companies will realise it is them who are losing out.

    Oooh.. I've become emotional.

    Is Australia actually missing out? It says Europe not PAL.

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