Week in Games: Professor Layton and the Curious Villiage Edition

Nice little collection of titles coming out this week. My money is on Professor Layton although Lost Odyssey seems rather intriguing. On the PC side of things, the new episode of Sam and Max is on its way as well as a new version of RPG maker. What will be taking money out of your wallet this week?

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)

Lost Odyssey (X360)

Conflict: Denied Ops (PC, X360, PS3)

Penumbra: Black Plague (PC)

Jumper (X360, WII, PS2)

Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of the Ancient Arts (PSP, DS)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements (X360)

Spaceforce: Captains (PC)

Sam & Max Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead (PC)

Carrier Strike Force (PC)

XIII Century: Death or Glory (PC)

Wipeout Pulse (PSP)

Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (Special Edition) (PS2)

RPG Maker VX (PC)


    Kotaku AU - I really respect that you are trying, but its post like this that make me automatically click straight to the US site.

    If you are going to be Kotakau (see what i did there?), and do a good job with it, how about localizing the news/posts a bit more. US release posts are AU relevant... so make them relevant.

    I appreciate you are working hard Logan, running this by yourself, but maybe you need to get some more people on board so you can make Kotakau worth reading.. I really want that! As much as i dig Brain, Ash, Flynn and co.. I want you to do more. You have a name to honor and to be honest you are letting them down.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but its the truth.

    For all Australians: My copy arrived from Play-Asia.com today after pre-ordering it.

    It only took a week to arrive - the price was great.

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