Weekend Note: Red Eye

To: Ash and Luke
From: Flynn
Subject: I am like a writing zombie

Ahoy gents! I hope this letter finds you well. As for me, I took a Red Eye out of SF last night and ended up getting two hours of sleep. The plane was late and I arrived just in time to put heads down and start writing. Needless to say I am absolutely brain fried and exhausted. So in the interest of getting some sleep I'm going to get right to the goods. Some things you might have missed this weekend...

A former Marine goes missing, Call of Duty may have been a factor

Apple puts out a trademark for handheld games

A kid burns down a church/school and then brags about it on GameFaqs.

And now I must beg off. My pillow is calling and Professor Layton is compelling me to help him solve some puzzles. Hopefully I can help before I pass out. Goodnight!


    Nice to see Kotaku AU is back up and running. Did it die for a few days there or was it just my internets?

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