What Are You Playing This Weekend?

When Crecente arrived at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel for GDC, he dumped nearly a dozen new PSP demos and review builds on us. Patapon and God of War: Chains of Olympus are just two of the many UMDs stashed in my check-in luggage, so I expect I'll be firing up the PlayStation Portable quite a bit this weekend. After my interview with Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert earlier this week, I've got an itch to go back to PixelJunk Racers, too. Need a bit of winding down time after GDC, so I plan to sleep 'til noon. Good times.

What about you kids? What are you playing this weekend?


    COD4, Rock Band, Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise accompanied by Tasmania's Finest - James Boag's Premium

    This weekend I will be mostly playing overdone sequels. Burnout Paradise, DMC4, COD4, Orange Box...

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