What Does HD DVD Death Mean For Xbox 360 Player?

What Does HD DVD Death Mean For Xbox 360 Player?

Think that Toshiba’s killing off HD DVD means curtains for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 HD DVD player? Probably! For those who cannot put one and one together, Xbox Japan is here for you. To be vague. And evasive. Regarding Toshiba’s decision to kill off its HD format, the console’s PR mouthpiece says this about the future of its Xbox 360 HD DVD player:

It’s something we will examine from now, and there’s nothing to announce at the moment.

To hold you over, let’s take a look back at happier, more carefree times. You know, when HD DVD was among the living and Peter Moore wore green shirts.

Xbox Japan on HD DVD [Game Watch Impress][Images: Getty]


  • so.. since most of us bought an hd dvd for our 360.. what can we do with it?? any hacks anything… anything ppl for the love of god… what can we do with it…

  • We nearly had Sony gone forever. The bluray players were failing & there consoles were doing poorly. Now it looks like microsoft will be swapping positions with sony. All i have to say GO NINTNEDO no one will stop them now. If everyone just kept away from Sony we would of seem them finshed for good. Now they be around for a long time, so sad dont you think

  • Why stop them, don’t be sore you bought junk. The fact is Bluray won and the PS3 is gaining momentum. As as for “failing consoles”, what about those red lights on the Xbox hey? I own both consoles and love the Xbox360 so I’m not bias but you can’t deny a good product/company the success they deserve as the playstation 1 and 2 have been fantastic as 3 may be….time will tell 🙂

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