What Kind of Gamer Are You?

Quick: Are you hardcore or casual? Answer! For those who cannot pick either, you might be something else. You might be a "mid-core gamer," somewhere between the hardcore and casual netherworlds. Blog 8bitrocket has not only coined the term but also come up with a neato manifesto. Writes 8bitrocket:

Hardcore gamers consider me a casual gamer and casual gamers consider me a hardcore gamer, so what am I? ...In any case, I have decided to call myself a MID-CORE gamer. I have no idea if there is another term for me or the millions like me, but I like this one and I'm sticking to it. I know it's not CATCHY or SEXY, but it is accurate... I always hear industry people talk about CASUAL and HARDCORE, but never the in betweens like me. I have to search online and bargain bins for games that fit my needs.

This is truly delightful. Bravo to 8bitrocket's Jeff Fulton for coming up with this. So new question: Are you hardcore, casual or mid-core?
Mid-Core Gamer [8bitrocket via GameSetWatch via Joystiq][Pic]


    What happened to Cas-core?

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