What's The Hold Up With Spore? Will Wright Explains

Spore's certainly been a long time coming, but it seems that fans of just about every genre are overwhelmingly excited about it. It's finally coming in September, thank God. Now we just want to know: what the hell took so long? Newsweek's N'Gai Croal asked that very question of the game's designer Will Wright who reveals that it wasn't just frequent smoke breaks that led to the delay, but an ever increasingly complex set of features. And coolness.

The largest factor, though, was dealing with the millions of regular gamers out there who might not have the gaming know-how to actually play a game like Spore should it arrive with an inaccessible interface. Wright tells Croal that "probably the biggest design challenge was keeping it very accessible to players so that every bit of the game was intuitive, easy and approachable."

But the most gee-whiz stuff, the kind of additions that make such a long development understandable come in Wright's descriptions of Spore's "pollinated content." He explains, "I can make a buddy list, and it will try to put my buddy's content in my universe at a higher priority. I can subscribe to Sporecasts, which are aggregations of content that players have decided to basically organise themselves. Also, when I get a card for a piece of content—whether it be mine or somebody else's—at any time I can open that card and leave a comment on the card, and the person who made that content will get the comment."

In other, Wright-fanboy words—awesome.

Level Up's Q&A with Wright, split into two parts, is just packed with interesting reading. Reading his thoughts and getting an insight into Spore's lengthy development seems almost as much fun as playing it. Guess we'll know in September.

Exclusive: Will Wright Gives Level Up the Scoop On Why Spore Is Taking So Long to Get Right—And Why It Will Be Worth the Wait, Part I and Part II [Level Up]


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