Where Did The Neat DS Drawing Games Go?

281x211.jpgMTV Multiplayer asks a pretty good question to Nintendo DS developers: where the hell did all those neat sketching games go? You know what they mean, games that required drawing to play, games like Pac-Pix or Kirby Canvas Curse. After interviewing various people in the industry, Vicarious Visions CEO Karthik Bala gave the story straight (you know that company as the developer behind many Activision franchises on the platform):

Most [DS]developers lack budgets and the development time necessary to be ambitious with their designs.

But allow us to play devil's advocate for a moment and argue that the DS is great in part because the stylus allows for simplistic UIs that require little work to program and less of a learning curve to grasp.

The Case Of The Missing DS Drawing Games [MTVMultiplayer]


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