Where In The World Is Phil Harrison?

Phil Harrison's gone. Up and left Sony. Which has us all very, very sad! We loved Phil. Some may say a little too much, but what do they know about love? Nothing. Exactly. So it hurts that since announcing his departure, we haven't heard from Phil. Not a "hi". Not a "hey guys, I'm OK". Nothing. Where are you, Phil? What are you up to? Is everything OK? Because when J left us, we knew where he was going. When Peter left us, we knew where he was going. But you...we don't know. Look, we're just worried about you, OK? Worried about you and the legion of Mini-Phils we cooked up last year. All they do these days is slink around the house, looking mopey, complaining about how Wii Sports stole SingStar's thunder. We need to hear from you, Phil. They need to hear from you.


    A Rep from sony told me he's gone to atrai ?????????

    No offense to Kotaku or any of the other game news / journalism sites, but I do not see anything wrong with Harrison staying out and away from the spotlight. I think one of the largest problems popular music and movie related media has is with maintaining the privacy of popular actors and artists. The video game industry is expanding on an exponential scale, which is why its more important today than ever before to make sure that we respect each others privacy, Mr. Harrison's included.

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