White PS3 Due In March?

Over the past week or so, we've been hearing reports from retailers across the US that the current 40GB PS3/Spider-Man 3 deal was about to wind up. They'd stopped receiving them, and had instead been told to expect new 40GB units without a movie. Seemed odd. Might be a very good reason, though: we've since heard from Circuit City employees that they've begun receiving shipments of these "new" PlayStation 3s. On the shipping box? The model number CECHH01. Which the more observant amongst you will recognise as the model # for the White PlayStation 3. Seems these will be held in stock until the current Spider-Man 3 bundles are gone, and will then be offered for the standard price of $US 399. I guess black 40GB units, sans Spider-Man 3, will go on sale then as well.


    Is the white ps3 available in australia yet? if so, where can i buy one... thanks

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