Why Shrek The Third Underperformed? Video Games!

It's point the blame time! So why didn't Shrek the Third do as well as Shrek 2? Easy, because of those damn video games, says DreamWorks Animation CEO and former Disney honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg (above, wearing glasses). Certainly the fact that the movie TOTALLY SUCKED had nothing to do with it. Says Katzenberg:

Competition at retail from other sources such as video games has had an impact on the overall homevideo market and on the performance of individual titles including "Shrek the Third."

Hey man, make the good movies, and you can bet your ass the DVDs will sell. Remember: When you have no one else to blame, take the easy way out and just point the finger at video games. You'll be glad you did. Just ask Katzenberg.
Video Game Sales Are Hurting DVDs [The Cut Scene][Pic]


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