Why Wait? Grab Devil May Cry 4 Now

Why Wait? Grab Devil May Cry 4 Now

dmc4_shot.jpgAccording to Activision, Devil May Cry 4 will be out in Australia on the 7th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course if you live in Perth, near the GameTraders on Hay St, you can pick it up today. Tipster Daniel sent in the above shot of what we can only assume is him holding his PS3 copy.

Chances are it’ll be out in a few other places, but Perthians definitely have the advantage right now.

[Thanks Daniel!]


  • Yeah, I picked it up last Friday, its pretty awesome.

    Gametraders also gave me a double sided poster and “Making of” Disc to sweeten the deal.

  • Looks like the Asian edition, since there’s Japanese characters at the bottom and there’s no rating label on the cover..

  • Yeah it is,but the whole game is in english, title screen and all, even the back of the cover. There is some Japanese on it, but who cares? It works and it is awesome.

  • Gametraders breaks release dates all the time – a mate got Bioshock 5 or 6 days before release.

    Don’t know how they get away with it actually…

  • Hmm. Too bad I pre-ordered at EB Games. Then again, I’m getting the Collector’s Edition and wasn’t sure whether GameTraders were offering that deal.

    Good to see he got the PS3 version!

  • Its nice that you want to keep gamers informed.
    But its kinda 50/50 if the retailer wants it known on this broad a scale.
    I’m just a hardcore fan who browses in there several times a week (admittedly I have clients near there and its convenient)
    But this really just increases the potential for a crackdown by publishers on the store which is just trying to help gamers.

  • Man GameTraders FTW!!!!, They get away with it Cause they are allowed to if it passes US street date also EB break street date all the time, the reason why you dont hear about it is cause EB is the worst store ever!!!

  • I have a PC, 360 and PS3, but this was the first version that was out so thats what I grabbed.

    Getting this and Lost Odyssee in a space of two days is gonna kill my free time,but in a good way.

    As you can see in the pic, I also rubbed it in at the PA forums. Many threats to my family and their wellbeing followed.

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