Wii Sensor Bar With Digital Clock Jammed In It

Not sure whether to file this under ingenious or pointless. Peripheral maker CYBER Gadget has put a digital clock in its 2Way Sensor Bar. It costs ¥1980 ($US 18) and can powered by an open USB port or four AA batteries for wireless mode. $US 18 is a small price to pay for not having to look at your watch while playing Wii games!
2Way Sensor Bar [CYBER Gadget via Famitsu via ALBOTAS]


    Really, it's more of a clock with a 'sensor' bar crammed into it. Or rather, stuck on the sides - which you can do to anything. You just need some infrared LEDs placed a foot apart. Apparently the official Wii ones flash, but it's not neccesary - as we've seen, even candles work. In my own experience, sunlight does.

    I... really, really want that. Ever since the demise of the VCR I've missed having a clock sitting on my AV shelf. (I should buy a clock? That's absurd!)

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