Will Wright, Care Bears FREAK

Yeah, we know Will Wright has talked about the Care Bears before, saying he'd like to see interstellar wars between Care Bears and Klingons. Totally understandable! But we had not idea he's so into the Care Bears. Like really into the Care Bears. When asked what would surprise people the most about him, Will Wright answered:

Probably my utter fascination with Care Bears. I could tell you more than you want to know about Care Bears. Oh, you want to know about Care Bears? ...Yeah, 'cause they live in Care-a-Lot, which is above the Forest of Feelings where the Care Bear Cousins live, which is above Earth... But the Care Bear Cousins aren't even Bears. They're like lions and monkeys and things, but they call them Care Bear Cousins. Yeah... They have these particle beam weapons in their stomachs, and when they get really upset, they fire this Star Wars thing. Yeah, they're cool.

Nice try, Will! You're gonna hafta do better. We are totally not creeped out.
Will Wright 'o' Vision [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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