Will Wright Gets all Brainy on Drunk Audience

Last night, Electronic Arts threw a little party for the gathered game developers and various hangers on at the Mezzanine. About an hour into the party, EA's Neil Young took to the stage to introduce Will Wright who wouldn't, he was clear to point out, be talking about anything even remotely Spore related. Instead, Wright took to the stage to deliver a talk in the scatter-topic method that has earned him a small cult following, touching on everything from Godzilla and lunch boxes to James Bond and the abundance of Sims titles to hit the market.

It was as always, a treat to watch. It was also, as always, something that leaves you perhaps with less of an idea of what he's on about than before he started talking.

Check out the clip which shows the talk in all of it's more than 30-minutes glory and stay, at least, until you get to his now infamous Russian Space Minute.


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