Wireless GHIII Guitars Dated, Priced

guitarheroiiiwireless.jpgSince Guitar Hero III's launch back in October, I have been on a quest for standalone wireless guitar controllers. Having purchased the game by itself thinking I would be satisfied playing while tethered to my Xbox 360, the videos of GH fans jumping off furniture soon swayed me to the wireless cause. My quest hit a snag when I realised the wireless controllers weren't out yet, but Activision promised they would be on the shelves in early 2008, and now they deliver on said promise. March is the month in which retailers will begin receiving shiny new standalone wireless guitar controllers for Guitar Hero III, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions running $69, and the Wiimote-embedded Wii version $US 10 cheaper at $US 59. Then shortly after we all run out to snag ours, Activision will no doubt reveal all new guitars for GHIV that will make us feel like idiots for buying these. Woot!

Guitar Hero 3 Standalone Guitars Priced, Dated, Pictured [Primotech]


    Over here (Australia) we have had the wireless guitar for 360 sold seperate from the game since day one. I got GH3 for a birthday present without the guitar so I had to go buy the guitar from GAME. If your desperate import one from over here.

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