With Blueprint, EA Trying To Get All Creative

Electronic Arts doesn't just want to buy Take Two. It also wants to make smaller, more original games. The publisher is best know for huge, ubiquitous franchises like The Sims and Madden, but is looking to get creative with its new development arm, Blueprint. The Blueprint games will be made with smaller teams. So far, Blueprint is involved with Steven Spielberg's BOOM BLOX and Will Wright's Spore — both of which are massively hyped games. Former EA Los Angeles studio head Neal Young is helming EA Blueprint and says:

We want to find a new way to make games with smaller teams.

Blueprint is starting with games, but Young says it could expand to things like the internet, live events and even clothing. Clothing? Does that mean we'll see the same styles year after year with only slight color and fabric tweaks?
EA Lays Out Blueprint Division [Variety][Pic]


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