Women's Murder Club Goes Casual

womensmurder6.jpgJames Patterson's best-selling book series Women's Murder Club is going interactive! Hot on the heels of the ABC television series based on the series, Patterson is teaming up with Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen, whose casual development company Oberon Media will be creating what they hope to be a series of casual murder mystery games. By coupling the female-dominated casual gaming market with the equally female-dominated book buying market, Patterson hopes to have a huge success on his hands.

So I think the market for what we're doing — games that are more sensitive and are centered on character, not shooting — will be monstrous. I have a huge audience ... which is something ABC discovered when 'Women's Murder Club' debuted and it was their biggest premiere on a Friday night in four years."

Patterson then floated away on his overly inflated ego, tossing books down upon his adoring fans below. Did you know he came up with the slogan, "Toys R Us Kid"? The man is some sort of god.

Patterson pursues video game murders most casual [The Hollywood Reporter]


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