WoW Killer Would Cost A Billion

Think you've got an idea for an MMORPG that could completely kick World of Warcraft's arse? Well Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has some words of discouragement for you. According to the big boss, even attempting to take on WoW would set you back anywhere between $US 500 million and $US 1 billion dollars, and even once you've scraped together the cash there's still a chance you'd fail.

"We don't think that even if we made the $US 500 million or billion-dollar investment to get a product out [to compete with WOW]that we would even be successful doing it," he said.

Kotick points to the massive amount of cash that has already gone into the development of failed MMO product, doubting that even a company as well-managed as Activision would have a chance at making a profit in the sector. If you can't beat them, join them, eh Bobby? So is that it? Is World of Warcraft the de facto king of MMOs, never to be dethroned?

$US 1 billion investment needed to take on World of Warcraft - Kotick []


    Britney Spears knows more about MMORPGs than Kotick does. His comments are ludicrous, baseless, and damaging to developers.

    Dont think Age of Conan cost that much to make. Wouldnt take that much to de-throne wow.

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