Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

I sleep for eight hours and wake up to all this. Not that it's a bad thing.

Al Lowe Says Google Hurts Adventure Games How can the Google do anything bad to adventure games? King of the genre Al Lowe explains.

Zero Punctuation On Call Of Duty 4 Am I the only one who thought CoD 4 was just more of the same? Even ZP has let me down.

Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever Coming in 2008, 3D Hitting XBLA Yes, the date's been locked in stone. Also expect hell to freeze over and pigs to take flight.

PSP Sets Fire To Schoolboy's Pants Looks like Sony is trying to one-up Dell and its exploding notebooks.

Mass Effect DLC Brings Batarians to the Mix New content for Bioware's epic sci-fi RPG. It's got aliens!

Spielberg's Boom Blox Revealed Spielberg takes the wraps off his latest foray into the gaming arena.

Nintendo Stock Plummets Finally, some bad news on the Nintendo front. Doubtful it'll last long, though.

A PAL Resident's Guide To Importing Rock Band Seeing as we may not see it until September, and EA Oz has no comment, this looks like your best bet for some Rock Band action.

New Mario Kart Wii Images Not long now until Mario Kart is with us in its new, shiny white form.


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