Xbox 360 Controller Has Best Battery Life? Maybe.

Xbox 360 Controller Has Best Battery Life? Maybe.
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d0b6cd56-f3bb-425e-b9a1-8b6c1e72d107_4.jpgGamePro tested all the latest wireless controllers to discover which had the best battery life, the Xbox 360 pad, the Wiimote or the SIXAXIS. After playing a variety of titles, they found that the Xbox 360 controller’s battery life of 56 hours and 56 minutes bested the 36 hours and 43 minutes of the Wiimote and the 18 hours and 41 minutes of the SIXAXIS.

If the numbers appear tough to swallow, that’s only because they are. Not to insult GamePro’s testing methods, but our readers should know that one attempt at a control skewed these results in a major way.

In order to offer each console a fighting chance, testers installed nickel cadmium Duracell batteries…minus the SIXAXIS, which has Lithium Ion built right in. But the numbers are still pretty interesting if you siphon away the contest aspect.

UPDATE: Ahh, got my info backwards. Thanks for pointing it out.

Feature: Which controller has the best battery life?


  • My experience is that they all have very reasonable battery life. All through Assassin’s Creed I charged I think once on my Sixaxis, and once was right when I started playing it. Not bad really – I wasn’t completing it 100% but I did alot of unrequired missions; I wasn’t exactly speedrunning it.

    To be honest I would expect the Sixaxis to last the longest if the motion sensing isn’t being used – Hell, even if it IS – it has no rumble. I think the 360 has been the worst (but still quite reasonable) but that contradicts this study – but shouldn’t they use alkaline batteries? Or is that what NiCad is? Oh well.

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