Xbox 360 Gets A Price Drop (In Canada!)

Editor's note: If you're looking for news regarding the July 2008 Australian price drop on all Xbox 360 models, you'll find details here.

Good news, Canada! You're about to save yourselves a lot of money, if you're in the market for a new Xbox 360. Microsoft announced today that prices have slashed across the board, with the Elite now ringing in at $US 449, the Pro at $US 349 and the Arcade at $US 279. An Arcade for $US 279? That's Wii pricing, Canucks. Looks like someone noticed the Canadian dollar isn't as lowly as it used to be. Maple whiskey shots for everyone!

The official word, with all of the details for our brothers to the north is right after this.


    umm..since this is a canadian price drop you should list the prices as $CAN not $US, or you could list them in US dollars correctly by using, the Arcade would be US275.58 The pro will be US344.76 and the Elite will be US443.55, so it will be slightly lower in Canada then in the US because the US dollar is currently a tiny bit stronger.

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