Xbox Live By The Numbers

Time for some fun, because numbers, heck, they're fun. Especially so for MIcrosoft, who were throwing big numbers around like they were going out of style during their GDC address this morning, using them to highlight the success of everything from DLC to achievements to Halo 3's saved films.

Achievements: As of today, Xbox 360 users have earned themselves over one billion achievements.

Xbox Live Marketplace: The XBL Marketplace? More like XBL money-printing machine. 360 users have spent over $US 250 million on DLC and movies since the console's launch, which when you consider the minimal expenses related to content is a massive turnover for both Microsoft and anyone else who has DLC on the service.

Rock Band: There's been just over three million Rock Band downloads on Xbox Live alone since the game launched. For a $US 169 dollar game available only in North America, that's a lot.

Halo 3: You kids sure love your stupid suicide vids. Microsoft reckon over 100,000 Halo 3 films are uploaded every day, which they say is 30% more than are uploaded onto YouTube. Egads.

XNA: This XNA dealio might be bigger than anyone thought. Microsoft reckon that the XNA Game Studio software has been downloaded 800,000 times, and while some of that's bound to be repeat offenders and people who downloaded it, freaked out and never touched it again, there's still got ot be a healthy pool of talent amongst that number.

[Our Microsoft GDC Address Liveblog]


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