Xbox Live Diamond Card No Longer Free

Remember those shiny free Xbox Live Diamond cards that promised to open you up to a whole new world of amazing discounts at shops and restaurants all over the world? Yeah, I've never touched mine either, so I am definitely not planning to renew the card, especially now that it comes with a $US 6.95 monthly fee. Kotakuite Marco hopped over to the registration page earlier only to discover that the site was no longer accepting registrations, gearing up for the March 1st relaunch of the program under the auspices of Passport Unlimited, a company that runs their own restaurant discount program. Registration has apparently been down since the beginning of January, so the fact that we didn't hear about it until now shows how much people give a damn about the Xbox Live Diamond card. Bleh.

No One Cares About The Xbox Live Diamond Card - Thanks Marco!


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