Xbox Originals: Ninja Gaiden Black Definitely Not Coming To Australia

ngb.jpgWe had a few inquiries regarding the possibility of Ninja Gaiden Black making its way to us as an Xbox Original after it was spotted coupled with a "Coming Soon" banner on Xbox Live. According to Microsoft Oz, this was a mistake. The company has assured us that there are still no plans to bring Ninja Gaiden Black to our shores as an Xbox Original.


    Son of a bitch..


    Those who need some sweet, tender Hyabusa loving will have to resort to, as the European version works just fine in Aussie Xboxes. It'll likely run you around $60 total to get it here though...

    I suppose asking 'why' would be an exercise in futility. That there seems to be no reason behind this only adds to how annoying this news really is.

    Oh well, back to piracy I guess. When are they going to learn? Man, the joke is on them.

    Thank you, Microshaft. Without you, I would never have known what it felt like to have a 10-foot pole shoved up my rectum. How you guys manage to do it, I do not know, considering the rectum is only 8 inches long. Then again, you guys are the kings of shafting us Australians. If there is a will, there is a way.

    I wonder if theres any region out there that gets it worse than us. There must be some unsung underdog of the online world who can make us aussies feel better about getting constantly shafted.

    why not?

    Again, the reasoning behind this is the OFLC. The game features decapitations which they believe to be unsuitable. I think it's totally stupid and this just goes to show we need an R Rating on games in Australia

    I have to at least assume Germany has it slightly worse than us considering they seem to ban all violent games over there, probably has a lot to do with the 360 sales figures over there posted in another article today.

    Back to the subject, is the hassle because the game wasn't released here before so hasn't been rated or some other lame issue?

    Wasn't the Black content downloadable for the regular version of Ninja Gaiden anyway? I was never good enough to finish the regular version let alone DL stuff to make the game harder :(

    Well, I guess Microsoft just would prefer us to pirate this game. Very well. We can't really be blamed if the game isn't availabe for sale here...

    "I suppose asking 'why' would be an exercise in futility"

    Because the original Xbox version was refused classification due to its violent content. This being the same game and all, it's still "banned".

    Wow its been a bad few months for us aussies getting screwed over by gaming companies left right and centre!

    You know you could just ebay a European Pal copy of the game, and it'll work in it's full legal glory...

    That's what i did, and it's working fine on my 360...

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