XNA Announcement Shrouded In Secrecy, Actual Shroud

Microsoft has something big planned for XNA at GDC, an announcement expected to hit during the company's keynote tomorrow morning. Nestled in Microsoft's space at Moscone Center's north hall is the above display, something that the company doesn't want anyone to see until corporate VP John Schappert hands out the official details. The moment Schappert's talk is over, at 11:30 AM PST, the curtain is lifted and game developers everywhere are enlightened, bowled over, etc. At least, that's what we expect Microsoft's fantasy version of the whole thing to be.

So what's behind the curtain? Expect our best guess about what the company will be announcing for Live in just a bit.


    It's gonna be a can full of spring snakes. Won't your faces be red then.

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