Yes, Steven Spielberg Really Likes Video Games, M’kay?

Yes, Steven Spielberg Really Likes Video Games, M’kay?

This one’s for the doubters. Just because Steven Spielberg can make movies, that doesn’t mean he can make video games. They’re different! And just because he’s in tune with cinema, that doesn’t mean he understand games, right? Right?! Wrong, says former Dreamworks’ employee and current Electronic Arts’ exec Glenn Entis. Steven Spielberg is a huge gamer nerd, he points out. What’s more, Entis adds:

In our partnership with Steven Spielberg, he is the Steven Spielberg of directors…it’s hard to get a better, more creative personality than that. But he’s also of course a hardcore gamer. This is a director who is not simply coming to gaming as another product category — this is a strong creator who’s coming to gaming because he loves games.

Back when I was at DreamWorks Interactive I was just continually impressed at first of all where he found the time to play through games — there were games that he played beginning to end several times. He loves games, he’s gone deep inside games, and he’s got a lot of ideas about games, so in that sense it makes for a great collaboration.

And then of course I think that when you have those collaborations there are so many fresh ideas and perspectives that come in, because although he’s a strong gamer, he obviously has a very strong point of view from film. There’s just a whole other set of associations and images he can bring in….

I think he has the potential to be the creative force behind some blockbuster games, but of course his role is different — when he shoots a film, he has cinematographers, but he’s constantly going and looking through the camera and setting up his own shots.

I don’t think he’ll ever be quite as hands on in games design, because he grew up in film.

Something that Spielberg needs to keep in mind: In film, he is the Steven Spielberg of film directors. But in games, the Steven Spielberg of game designers is Shigeru Miaymoto. (Still, Steven Spielberg is Steven Spielberg, so.)

Eds Note: In this post, Entis previously used “the Steven Spielberg the Steven Spielberg of directors” schtick. Dude needs a new line, because it sure seems like Glenn Entis is the Glenn Entis of Spielberg PR!

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  • FYI, Spileberg has been involved in the gaming industry for over a decade (more like 14 years). Not only did he create “Dig”, he was also the creater of the “Medal of Honor” franchise. The guy is a master and he knows what he’s doing.

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