You Are A Stupid, Stupid Hentai

Don't let the cheesy, innocuous music fool you. There is something sinister going on. You're looking at a erotic game of rock, paper, scissors. Over and over, the player gets oh-so close to the MAXIMUM RISKY, but can't seem to pull of the last win, which would result in something embarrassing! But when the player *finally* does, there's a payoff.

Those who are impatient and don't understand things like build and pay-off, skip ahead three and a half minutes in. After watching it, if you're still confused, hit the jump.

The jist of the lyrics are something like:
"Stupid, stupid pervert! Stupid, stupid pervert! Pervert, pervert, pervert! Creepy, creepy, that's enough! Creepy, I'm pissed! Creepy, creepy, unbelievable! Dorky! Demon! Demon! Liar!" Blah, blah, blah. Funnier in Japanese, but still still amusing.

Ero Hentai! [Speed Neta NSFW]


    Hahaha. Very Funny. :)
    Omoshiroi ne

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