Zero Punctuation Previews Going To X-Play

Wow Yahtzee, you've done the impossible. You have a television program running previews of a freaking 3-minute review. Yeah, did you hear? X-Play will be running a snippet of your upcoming Zero Punctuations every Tuesday night. And including the clip's introduction, run time, and accompanying in-show bumpers, we wouldn't be surprised if this Tuesday teaser took just as long as your actual Wednesday review.

It's ludicrous media piggybacking, but we don't blame you...pending that you sleep on a big pile of greenbacks after a hard day's work.

"X-Play" to Feature World Premieres of New "Zero Punctuation" Videos

With Weekly Sneak Previews

Previews of The Escapist Magazine's Popular Web Video Series Debut on "X-Play" Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 8 pm

LOS ANGELES, February 11, 2008 - "Zero Punctuation" is coming to "X-Play," giving viewers of the most-watched video game show on television an exclusive sneak peek at each new episode of the Web's most popular video game review series. Beginning Tuesday, February 12, short previews of the wildly popular videos from creator Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and The Escapist magazine will become an ongoing "X-Play" feature. Previews of "Zero Punctuation" videos will premiere exclusively on "X-Play" every Tuesday evening, before the Wednesday premiere of the full, uncut reviews at, which will remain the series' online home. "Zero Punctuation" makes its world broadcast premiere on "X-Play," February 12, 2008 at 8 pm ET/PT, only on G4.

"Zero Punctuation" has become one of the video game world's most popular and infamous sources of criticism, unleashing reviews that combine humor and scathing insight with uproarious results. Each review combines deceptively simple animation with breathlessly blunt language, mercilessly mocking the weakest points in even the most critically acclaimed games.

"Every game has its faults, even the truly great ones," said Morgan Webb, host of "X-Play." "Nothing is funnier than seeing the mighty mocked."

"I was already really excited about the new 'X-Play' format," said Adam Sessler, host of "X-Play." "Now I can barely contain myself. We're dedicated to giving gaming fans what they want and we know they want 'Zero Punctuation.'"

"'Zero Punctuation' is game reviewing like it's never been done before," said Russ Pitts, Acquisitions and Production Manager at The Escapist. "We're pleased to share the schizophrenia with 'X-Play's' audience."

The "Zero Punctuation" previews are the newest addition to the updated "X-Play" format, which features a daily comprehensive overview of video game news and culture, in addition to the brutally honest reviews for which the show is known. Every weeknight at 8 pm, new, half-hour episodes of "X-Play" will give viewers a comprehensive update on each day's videogame-related developments, along with a wide range of new features, including behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at games in development; interviews with industry luminaries; live, hands-on demonstrations of games before they hit store shelves; and in-depth analysis of the latest videogame trends. More information is available at


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