1UP VP Explains The Positives Of Ziff Davis Bankruptcy

Simon Cox, Vice President of Content for the 1UP network, writes in his official 1UP blog that parent company Ziff Davis filing for bankruptcy isn't all gloom and doom. It's not like the staff of 1UP and EGM are going to be working out of refrigerator boxes when and living off government cheese. Business is, well, business as usual and bankruptcy can be a positive thing. How's that again, Mr. Cox?

"Once we re-emerge from the other side of this, fully intact (as we assuredly will be), we will have reduced that debt significantly, and the payments that go with it," Simon says. "Our earnings will once again be our own, and we will have spare cash to invest in building bigger, better, faster, stronger and better-looking websites and magazines".

As soon as ZD gets that debt monkey of its back, the 1UP network and its print brethren are due for some internal investment, which is super duper positive.

So, chin up, subscribers and podcast listeners. It's not the end of EGM as we know it.

That Chapter 11 thing... [1UP]


    and what of GFW? I'm guessing it's the same

    "off" it's back, by the way

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