360 Video Marketplace Gets Exclusive, Original Content

Microsoft have just signed a deal with the Safran Company, whereby the Hollywood production team will put together a series of 10-minute original, scripted (ie not reality TV) programs for the 360's video marketplace. Sure, Peter Safran himself has produced some shitty, shitty movies (Meet the Spartans, My Baby's Daddy), but he's got his own company now, so hopefully he won't be the one personally involved. And hey, even if they do suck, Microsoft's Scott Nocas has said it's only "the first of many" such deals. So, what can we expect? The New York Times reports:

He said he planned initially to focus on genres, like comedy and horror, that appeal to the Xbox 360 audience, which is heavily concentrated from the ages of 14 to 34, and tends to be more male than female. The first shows are expected to be available to viewers by the fall.

Tailored to the 360's core audience? Coming this fall: Fuck You, Cockmouth: The Teabag Chronicles. Only on Xbox 360.
Hollywood Producer Set to Make Shows for Xbox [NYT]


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