60GB Xbox 360 Coming Soon?

Please proceed no further unless you acknowledge that what you're about to read is a rumour. Good? Alright. Trusted Reviews, a site known more for technology write-ups than gaming news, is reporting that they have absolute certainty Microsoft will be replacing the 20GB Xbox 360 with a 60GB version. They are urging readers to not purchase a new 20GB model, but wait for the unspecified, near future when the new SKU will hit shelves. Our thoughts?

From a logic standpoint, given that larger hard drives aren't that expensive and 20GB is a bit light for all of Microsoft's multimedia offerings, a 60GB SKU could be more appealing to consumers while recouping value for Microsoft in downloads like Xbox Originals, movies and general DLC.

Also of note, 60GB is exactly half of the Elite's 120GB hard drive. That makes for a pretty sweet marketing tier if I've ever seen one.

But for now, it's just a rumour.

EXCLUSIVE: 60GB Xbox WILL Replace 20GB Model


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