A Farewell To Weekends

Hello, one and all. It has been a wild ride working here on Kotaku as Weekend Editor for the last year and a half, but that ride has finally come to an end. A year and a half of working seven days a week with basically no time to call my own has finally taken its toll on me. But fear not, I'm not leaving completely. I will be stepping into a new role as Kotaku's San Francisco correspondent, contributing to the front page on weekdays and continuing the work I started with Arcade Flyer Art Saturday. As for weekends, Maggie will still be here to take care of you and I'm sure whoever steps in to replace me will do a bang up job. So, a big thanks to all of you who have followed me over my time here and I look forward to seeing you during the week. And now I am going to go enjoy a true weekend off. I'm going to read and get in some much needed gaming time. Hell, I might even take a nap. Sayanora, schweethearts!


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